The majority of «KARAKUM DRILLING CENTRAL ASIA» Company drilling machines is equipped with top drives manufactured by Varco and Tesco Companies as well as produced in PRC which allow drilling directional and horizontal wells, high angle holes (ERW) using advanced safe operation techniques.
Drilling machine design conforming to API standards allows using them in various geographic regions and countries as well as enables to engage various foreign service companies without additional equipment modifications. The Company seeks to provide implementation of all projects at the highest technical and process level.
«KARAKUM DRILLING CENTRAL ASIA» Company has successfully mastered well pitless drilling technique using BKF block that allows implementing projects with stricter environmental requirements at limited sites allocated for well drilling.
The Company has an in-house well drilling engineering support department as well as a drilling fluid and cementing support department.
Process Technology Service is equipped with American APS measure while drilling with hydraulic interconnecting channel providing precise well drilling in accordance with the drilling program. All engineering calculations are carried out using Landmark licensed software which allows performing any well engineering evaluation.
Well cementing is performed using JEREH cementing systems including the complete set of equipment required for preparation of grouting mixtures, casing cementing, equipment pressuring and other works. All parameters of process operations performed under a cementing program developed by the Company specialists are recorded on electronic media.
«KARAKUM DRILLING CENTRAL ASIA» successfully solves the whole range of geological problems, as required for the overall assessment of hydrocarbon potential of poorly studied areas, and for delineation of already identified sites and prepare them for deep exploration and development drilling.