«KARAKUM DRILLING CENTRAL ASIA» Company is specialized in exploration, production drilling and overhaul of oil and gas wells as well as renders the following services on turn-key and day work terms:
  1. Prospecting and exploratory drilling (provision of drilling units and equipment, construction of drilling sites, utilities, derrick mounting, drilling of exploratory wells and its testing).
  2. Production drilling (drilling of straight, directional and horizontal wells, cluster and multi-hole drilling, development and bringing wells into production).
  3. Service works on casing and liner cementing.
  4. Well servicing (sidetracking of previously drilled wells, intensification of well number increase due to reperforation and acid treatment, sealing and repair of production casing, overhaul, well suspension and abandonment as well as its development and testing).
  5. Service works performed using a coiled tubing unit during well overhaul, impacting bottom-hole area and other works.
  6. Service works performed using a nitrogen-compressor unit.
  7. Core recovery.
  8. Construction and development of fields, well work over services.
  9. Drilling wells in coal bed methane.
  10. Works on the construction and arrangement of deposits.
  11. Introduction of new technologies and engineering support of well drilling.